When Your Prospect's a BRAT

I suffered misfortune recently, having to seek sanctuary in the BRAT diet.

Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast.

An age old soothing for the seriously upset stomach.

The idea is that these four widely available foods provide most nutrition with least aggravation to your digestive system.

Combined with packets of electrolyte replacement they were my staple for what seemed so long I lost track of time.

The selling slant was not lost on me.

Something goes wrong on a deal.

You need a remedy.

Have you a prepared option ready to enact?

Think about the kinds of things that most often go badly awry on a bid. Tricky ones which you have overcome in the past would be the easiest place to start.

A chief exec goes cold. Key reference dismissed. Figures withheld. Product plans doubted. Relationship breakdown.

Which levers can you pull? Who do you mobilise to get things back on track? What are your Sales foodstuffs of resort?

What’s your equivalent of BRAT eating to slowly make it right again?

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