Tree of the Year Budding Sales Roots

Here’s a fairly random piece of pr from the UK’s Woodland Trust.

They now crown an annual top tree. With seemingly little logic, England’s winner for 2016 was a Sycamore with a part in the Kevin Costner 1991 Robin Hood film.

It’s tricky to see how a particular year in the life of something that can live for centuries promotes contemporary thought. Yet in the absence of anything like a possibly more meaningful ‘new plantation’ award, we can still examine the concept.

With the new sales year kick-offs coming up fast, if you’re running one or solely a slot, anointing your own ‘deal of the year’ can pay dividends.

All too often, the default choice is the biggest win.

So let’s try and escape those shackles.

Is there a win that encapsulates where you aim to go next year?

Maybe a success that heralds a new avenue. Glimpses the future in an exciting way. Signals proof of present policy.

Find one away from the obvious, bring its message into wider team focus, and you could be preparing for a blossoming twelve months.

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