Where Are Prospects On Your Valentine Triangle Of Love?

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Heston Blumenthal. Gastro-scientist. Global culinary superstar.

His latest wheez was to provide a sparkling meal that produced sizzling romance.

Heston’s Recipe for Romance was notable not only for the delicious revelation that the Greek symbol of fertility, the humble fig, was Cleopatra’s favourite fruit.

He evoked Sternberg’s Triangular Theory Of Love.

I gather this sort of thing has garnered unfavourable labels. Like chick crack and chicknip. Perhaps it is time to reclaim such wisdom…

The pursuit of true love appears to be focused on obtaining a relationship where three vital factors happily pervade; intimacy, passion, commitment.

It’s where what Sternberg referred to as consummate love resides.

Any other arrangement, then soul mates you are not.

This reminded me of the first ever ‘business’ model I learned as a student.

It was also presented as a triangle. It denoted why someone elects to buy something.

The ideal supply/purchase, one leading to a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership, is where three key buying factors are in evidence; economic considerations, aesthetic evaluation, functional suitability.

If less formal language is your thing, then how about an alliterative alternative; finance, form, function. You could even incorporate the fabled ‘fit’ as an overall title. Your prospect’s procurement ‘triangle of fit’. Or what about a more tabloid treatment. Using snappy synonyms such as; cash, looks, works (as per my instagram of today).

Despite evidently not being a famous framework, it does have great merit. I sense it can be powerful during all-important buying criteria discussions with prospects.

After all, wouldn’t you also want to be known as the consummate salesperson?

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