Where Are Your Perishables?


There’s an entertaining question to keep inquisitive minds busy when in a supermarket.

How do they decide which good goes where?

One aspect is that those most perishable go nearest the door. They appear smack in front of your eyes as you walk in. Which are they, I hear you ask?

Most people go for a type of food.

When the most frequent response by the stores themselves is not a food…

Think newspapers and flowers.

Neither of which can be sold tomorrow.

Unlike even the most delicate fruit, veg or sarnie, thanks to ripe cycles and chemicals.

So I was taken aback to see a supermarket I happened to enter ignore this rule.

As you can see from my pic above, they eschewed the usual in favour of dinnerware.

Both the papers and plants where moved so that they were practically behind you either side as you walked in, pretty much hidden from clear view.

I guess a reason for this may possibly have been to tie in to the start of a ridiculously popular TV show (the great British bake-off) at that time.

But still.

It did seem strange.

Fair play for trying something, but quite a bold move seeing the huge space solely given over to ovenware.

I wonder what the impact on their chief perishables was?

Which leads to the obvious question, what are yours and are they being kept out of view too?

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