Where History Begins

Here’s world-leading sentiments from Team GB’s main training camp ahead of the Olympics. (Remember, the country came a record beating fourth in Beijing through this thinking).

What we have tried to produce here is what we call a no-excuse environment

Everything is in place for the athletes to have their best possible preparation

The whole approach is geared towards the winning attitude of performance athletes. There’s even extensive preparation in the form of high performance laboratories and performance analysis facilities.

Competition conditions are rigorously replicated, and a staggering 175,000 separate pieces of attire across 23 size bands are ready for collection.

Does each salesperson in your place have every single piece of kit at hand? Fully primed? Can key presentations be ran through beforehand in pitch conditions? With detailed assessment afterwards?

Then there’s the glitzy induction.

Each athlete will pass through a series of rooms in which there will be “embedded” messages about the five key values identified by deputy chef de mission Woodward:

respect, pride responsibility, unity and performance.

This doesn’t sound like many salesteams I’ve ever known. The world-class though, are onto this.

How are new sellers inducted in your salesforce? Or new products embedded into your portfolio? Or even, new customers introduced to your values after buying?

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