Which Medium Is What Sales Message

Let’s consult wikipedia. What could possibly go wrong?

“the medium is the message is an often-debated phrase believed to mean that the medium chosen to relay a message is just as important (if not more so) than the message itself”

On what would have been the 106th birthday of Marshall McLuhan, his image and influence revisited the web. He saw four ages of human (media) history; acoustic, literary, print, electronic. The latter earning him comprehensive plaudits as foreseer of the digital age ‘global village’ we reside in right now.

Sending that prospect a text? Turning up in person? Attaching a thought-through slide with that email?

What is your ‘medium’ saying about your ‘message’?

I do like to map sector development in eras too. I recall merit (mind you, not entirely worthy) in the Davos theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I also note bodies mobilising around concepts like our supposedly imminent Fifth Wave of Coffee.

Can you coin anything similar for your industry? Or product arena? Or problem evolution?

Mini-epochs can have many guises. Waves, revolutions, steps, floors, -ics, -cenes.

Your environment should inspire many more a sticking label.

First know where progress can be placed in layers leading up to the present day. Also shape where it’s headed. And how your wonders uniquely enable this. Sum it up like McLuhan, and prospects will rapidly understand that you are the one to help them get ahead themselves.

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