Who Do You Make Feel Better Off?

I’ve blogged before on what political pollsters think sways voters.  Previously I noted that they reckoned people only care about what will be done for them in the future.  Last night, I heard a potentially contrary view from Frank Luntz.

In the immediate aftermath of London’s G20 gathering (long on warm handshakes, short on relevant action) he was asked how a leader’s performance played on the domestic turf.

His considered opinion was that people asked themselves whether or not they felt better off because of the incumbent.  In the current context, he suggested this translates into ‘Is my job safe? Have I more money in my pocket?’

Despite the inevitable American leanings of this framing, it struck me as a fascinating parallel with account managers trying to retain a client’s spend, and another rep attempting to prise it their way.

How, at this moment, do they feel?  Better, Worse or Indifferent?  And why….

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