Who Or What Is Your Difference Maker?

Watching an absorbing EPL fixture, at half-time I’d normally zone out from the pundits.

So hats off to Owen Hargreaves.

The story of the game in particular was that favourites and UCL chasing Manchester Untied went two down by early in the second forty-five at relegation threatened Crystal Palace. And were woeful.

Then a remarkable transformation saw a stirring second-half comeback to snatch a thriller in the dying seconds, 2-3. So harsh on Palace.

At the interval, Canadian-born, part-German raised, English international Hargreaves wondered what had happened to Man Utd’s possibly best, certainly most expensive talent, Paul Pogba.

He was missing in action.

A collage of incidents followed during which Pogba was constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The clearly frustrated former Man U player Hargreaves exasperated with not only the young Frenchman’s no-show, but also where he was being played; in his view, not in his best position. He implored;

…let Pogba be the difference maker…

A telling remark.

One so relevant to a sales pitch as well.

This is almost the other side of a famous selling coin.

Too often, salespeople will get so excited that they shoot their silver bullet, up front, practically fired off first. The finest arrow in the quiver flies through the air way too early and misses its target. It’s (nearly) always best to leave your killer weapon until as near to the final Close as possible.

In this football case, what can make the difference needed to be unshackled.

Do you know what your “difference maker” is? Or even, who it is?

A factor or presence that, when unleashed, means your bid can happily maraud through a grateful buying unit. Then duly ‘assist’ you in gaining the sale, or perhaps make it for you it/them-self.

It could be a key development in place that no-one else is aware of. It could be your never-allowed-to-see-daylight technical resource. It could (should?) be a pivotal process element of your overall sales process.

There’s a plethora of options.

Bring them out the shadows. Allow them to them play. Build your moves around them.

Identify your top play/player, and let them be the difference maker.

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