WHO & Zeke Messaging

Lockdown in progress. Amid the bedlam, a pause. Reflection on a time since when, for instance, I learn Spain’s deaths have soared twelvefold (likely more as that was yesterday’s amount as I type).

The above short animation is expanded by text on Medium.

I mention this in part because, of the many social media echoes of this, perhaps none has had the impact with the wash your hands element of Zeke:

As good as the officialdom’s messaging is – and let’s not forget they can be compromised tragically as by Chinese government aka communist party pathological lying on data (see footnote) – those that pick it up often run better with it.

I often see pitches delivered by our Marketing colleagues. As worthy as they may be, they all too frequently have never met the ears of a prospect. We sellers are the testers. And we should never shirk from adapting them, mutating if you will, given buyer receptivity so that we gain greater stickiness.

So the question for your next pitch is – whenever that distant yet hopefully not-too-faraway date may be – can you be like Zeke?

footnote 1 coronavirus

These WHO tweets from 12 & 14 Jan 2020 report Chinese authorities’ false claims that human-to-human transmission was not happening;

footnote 2

How TeamGB summed up the then current nationwide mantra the day the tokyo Olympics were postponed:

Stay at home 🏠  Protect our NHS 🏥  Save lives ❤️  #StayHomeSaveLives

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