Who’s The Enemy?

Listening to all these doom-merchants about the perilous state of the global economy can really get a positive fella down.  I’m getting beyond sick of it, actually.  These guys need to pick a new enemy.  It is not the recession.  Absolutely not.

I blogged a few years back about a particular sales winner whom made his chief competitor out to be his prime enemy.

My enemy is not the economy.  It is what can stop my services from happening.  It is anything that can give an excuse for people to play the ‘money’s too tight’ card.

My sales focus is how to outflank such enemy. For anyone into the wonderful sport that is cricket (despite the crippling lack of administrative vision at the moment) I’m reminded of the brilliant approach from the legend that is Richie Benaud which admirably helps in this regard.  When captain, each time he contemplated a decision he asked himself a simple question; “what would the opposition least like me to do next?”

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