Work hard for your money?

I’ve suffered the displacing emotion of buying a few things recently.  For most categories of service/product I’m after, I can run a beauty parade.  One such pagent led me to a young fella called ‘Kev’ on England’s south coast.

I called him up first, he confirmed it was indeed he that could help with my enquiry, then he suggested sending some further info over to him.  Once he received this, he emailed me back with this astonishing reply:

“Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately to give you an accurate quote we need all your specific requirements if possible”, then he listed some items, at least one of which I already supplied, before signing off with “Any further questions please call or email”

Incredible.  I fired a mail back saying I’d put something together before mentioning “looks like you don’t work too hard for you money :-)”.  The message is clearly that Kev is unlikely to progress to the pagent’s podium.  If he really did give a monkey’s about his clients (and consider this; he’s no idea of how big a client I could be) then he’d have asked for my mobile straight away and asked all the questions one-to-one.

Incidentally of the four firms initially engaged for this procurement, only one (‘Daniella’) has called me, yet even she has yet to send me the mail she promised!  Crazy.  Does anybody want money?


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