Would You Buy Tat?

The majority of sales teams I help are not the cheapest in their space.  For some, far from it, and they take on the perennial struggle of having to justify themselves against a large hole in the floor through which their competition’s price has just dropped.

Many a salesteam comes up with their own quirky ways of trying to overcome the inevitable price objection in such circumstances.  And here’s two disasters I became privy to at a sales meet I attended recently:

Handle I

Rep: Our product is like a BMW, Audi or Mercedes.  It’s a touch more money because it is better quality, lasts longer and easier to use and maintain.  After all, would you drive a bog-standard Ford Mondeo?

Prospect: I do drive a Mondeo….

Handle II

Rep: Panasonic faxes are way better than Amstrad’s.  I mean, come on, would you really put an Amstrad hifi in your living room?

Prospect: Yes, I’ve got one….


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