Yacht Racer Live LED & Your Ideal Process

So I caught a promo for a yacht race. Sponsored by Rolex. It appears to be just over a thousand kilometres. Starting from Hong Kong Harbour and finishing in Subic Bay, in the Philippines.

One glimpsed frame of the 45sec trailer stayed with me.

As you can see above, there appears an led screen on the mast of one of the boats.

Setting, position, speed. All manner of useful nautical info no doubt.

It changes in realtime.

Numbers constantly updating as its course navigates.

I was struck how such level of visibility was for so long hidden.

As it is on a seafaring vessel for the crew of a salesteam.

And surely every endeavour benefits from greater directional openness.

Despite the omnipresence of sales league tables, too many a sales operation even today remain inattentive to the ‘live’ figures that truly determine success.

What are the elements of your process that you can track this way?

And crucially, how can you show them, promote them, to all?

Certain role engagement? Specific competitive presence? Precise problem recognition?

There’s a whole raft of options.

When sales reporting first usurped spreadsheets, there was a rush to determine “gateways”.

These are not necessarily to what I refer here.

Process and Outcomes are not the same thing.

Can you broadcast your key process markers like this ocean going yacht heading out of Causeway Bay?

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