You'll Hate This

A swift spin through presentation tips I found during casual surfing. This time worth a read and courtesy of a Fast Company piece by a chap called Sam Harrison.

Tantalisingly entitled Abracadabra Moments, the Opening Line You Should Never Use, and 10 More Ways to Sell Ideas, there are actually a dozen pointers. The opening line to which the heading refers is his fourth bullet. Here’s a summary:

  1. If they feel they birthed it, they can’t kill it
  2. Leave creative chaos at the door
  3. Pause before you start
  4. Never start your pitch with “You’re going to love this
  5. Help clients visualize your ideas in living colour
  6. Stand tall, talk short
  7. Throw out handouts
  8. Bank on leave-behinds
  9. Stop selling, start storytelling
  10. Get personal
  11. Create abracadabra moments
  12. Once you’ve sold an idea, don’t buy it back

Of course I do in particular like the fourth point. Any a wizened seller will moan about how buyers just love to be contrary. Starting off a pitch without the traditional, enthusiastic preface, for rather a more restrained, contemplative, ‘I’m not sure this is for you, but…’ can really diffuse any building pressure and put an obstreperous prospect back on-side.

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