Your Crufts Characteristics

The British institution that is the annual Crufts dog show crowned its latest top dog Sunday. I know this because all media, from MSM to social feeds, were full of the champion, ahem, being relieved to win.

This made me note that the 200+ breeds of the 28,000 contenders are split into seven categories. These ‘Groups’ have interesting titles: Hound Working Utility Terrier Gundog Pastoral Toy.

Maisie, the first ever dachshund to be ‘best in show’, was first the Hound group winner, then prevailed in the face-off among all the category champs.

My salesroom antennae couldn’t help but think on the posts I blog about how to properly categorise potential customers.

IAOs and psychographics fatally ignored for banal and misleading markers like size and location.

How many different breeds of client have you? Even more pertinent, how many by prospect?

What’s the way you group them? And is it really the best way to pull together those truly the most alike?

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