Your Iteration Number

One of 33 tips offered by an English broadsheet aimed at little changes that could make a big difference to maintaining a healthier start to your year.

There's plenty of writings recommending various thresholds you need to pass to achieve something in terms of numbers of attempts.

Think 10. Other numbers though, are available...

I was once at a fancy sales conference for an industrial conglomerate where the chief seller was urging his charges to adopt a particular new way of doing.

To help make his point, he cited his dentist. Who'd apparently told him that for any new behaviour to become a habit, you must do it twenty-one times over first.

Then there's the other angle of time.

The '2-minute rule' via Atomic Habits stating any new habit you seek to embed should be broken down into a two minute chunk of time, or 'gateway habit'.

Designed in part to get you focused beyond the mere routinisation of a 'keystone habit' behaviour.

And if you're looking to a third eye on all this, there's the reveal of the famed Fosbury Curve. So beloved of the Quality movement of the 90s. Where you embrace that performance will initially drop off when trying to switch to a different method. Providing fuel for perseverance and abating the frustration which precedes the desired upswing and ultimately sorpasso.

You could pick almost any new skill adoption apart with these.

Especially ones your prospect values.

Any novel to them method of working, tech or app.

Even ones you wish to bring into your sales toolkit.

Think demoing a latest release. Cold calling differently. Testing a possible new process addition.

How many goes might your required level of proficiency take?

Is there a benchmark that can emerge from previous accomplishments?

One adaptable to the fresh one at hand?

There will indeed be a moment where it just clicks.

Cite the Magic 10 of the above fitness coach.

Help them think of their number.

Then how can you help your potential client to map this out, so that you also stand out?

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