Your Magnificent Seven Riding Into Town

Move over 'Fangs', there's a new crew in view.

The Magnificent Seven; Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp), Microsoft, NVIDIA, & Tesla.

A recently coined collective for the supposedly most-influential, highest performing tech cos.

Indeed, their valuation growth dwarves the sector; 2023 returning a staggering 78pc gain, compared with 12pc for the S&P 500's other 493 firms.

This being a relatively fresh sobriquet, could you adapt it for what brings your Sales efforts' the best gains?

Any Year Wrap-SKO due around now could build on this theme.

Also, you could sense where 2024's most fertile ground might be.

If getting into the detail of individual client profitability is not in your remit, then where can you look for success generally?

A 'need', sector, incumbent, feature, role, open, close?

One for each of the septet, or all-in on one category? Or fashion your own.

Either way, the path to growth outpacing others whilst being repeatable, sustainable and adaptable may well emerge from within.

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