Your Words Your Values

Girona nu values

Girona’s best restaurant, as recommended by the brilliant Italian Andrea at the smashing nearby Place de Vi, is Nu. That’s Catalan for Naked.

The food was indeed amazing.

On the wall in the corridor towards the bathrooms, they emblazoned their favourite words.

I’ve blogged a few times on this kind of thing (via coffee as well as my own name) and I consider it a most worthwhile exercise.

So long as you avoid the new age dotcom dawn era pretentiousness.

In this context, it’s a lovely idea for a slide. I immediately imagined a deck running a sales workshop.

With your favourite corporate colour as the background, you can play with all the words you think portray how you think. And splatter them in any way you like on the screen.

You could even go one further, and ask customers for single words that come to mind when thinking of you and your service.

The slide can simply stay up on the big screen as you jointly work through one issue or another. And then you can move on. It doesn’t even need to be referenced by you.

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