ZeeMelt 2020 Speaker Selling Slants

ZeeMelt pitches being India’s largest Marketing sector event.

As is 2020, it offered a broad virtual presence this year.

Above is one of the thirty-three official-designer published nuggets of speaker wisdom.

Whilst this is a world with which we sellers rarely engage, below I curate eight of these quotes.

Chosen for their sideways application to our arena;

“If you’re not disrupting yourself now, you’re getting disrupted” (David Shing)

“When naive people make complex decisions, it can be very dangerous” (Tony Fish, Fitch)

“Businesses are now able to push change through more than ever before” (Sir Martin Sorrell)

“Find the stuff that is messy and fix it, because where there is a mess, there is a market” (Jonathan Macdonald)

“Connection is often in the story you tell. Try connecting [rather] than just responding.” (Anjali Sharma, Narrative)

“AI has taken jobs that were replicable, but jobs that require curiosity cannot be replaced by technology” (Ian Leslie)

“What employees say about company and what company says about itself should be aligned” (Beth Ann Kaminkow, Geometry)

“You need 10% of the top echelons at your organisations to be mavericks, who aren’t afraid to take risks” (Sudhir Sitapati, Hindustan Unilever)

Where’s the mess?

Who needs curiosity?

Who is now pushing through change quickly?

This last point, courtesy of ad industry colossus Sir Martin, joyfully gets expanded.

Companies are, he finds, pushing indeed. Granting more ‘wiggle-room’ to get things done. The ‘marginal propensity to experiment’ risen. Internal change agents now prominent and taking ‘more air-time’.

That paragraph alone would make a worthy standalone Sales post.

Get to where that’s all happening with your typical role partners and you’ve probably got a hot prospect.

In general, adapting quotes is also often a winner. For instance, how about this remix of the Geometry Global CEO citation;

What employees salespeople say about [their] company and what company customers says about itself them should be aligned

An internal facing steer for our sphere.

I hope that holds true for you.

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