10 Things That Require Zero Sales Skill

10 things that require zero talent pg1 gc0pt8

This hazy whiteboard snap (which I’ve altered to Peter Gronquist‘s latest hues) appeared among my annoyingly-no-longer-self-selected Instagram feed.

I’m sure you catch the drift. No doubt the web is awash with such lists.

Intended in part to make you feel like there’s always something you can be doing. That showing up is half the battle. And how winners are made/born (delete as applicable).

Still, I got over that something so shoddy had snuck into my sight.

As there’s the etchings of a decent workshop idea with a sales team here.

A cheeky ten-minute round-the-room sprang to mind.

10 Progressions That Require Zero Sales Skill

10 Phone Calls That Require Zero Selling Experience

10 Sales Activities That Require Zero Prospect Permission

There’s plenty of options I bet. Swap out Things and Talent for your own Salesyness and off you go…

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