3 Quick Questions To Make Dickens' Ghosts Your Friends

Aka, The Dickens Trio, perhaps?

There’s many a succinct and snappy interview uploading of circa 3-minute clips in this fashion.

One that can make for a revealing internal exercise on framing a key pitch. As well as a useful tool to have for a prospect setting as a reliable fall-back.

In the spirit of a relatively quickfire tv talking head style set-up, you suggest you’ll be asking three simple/swift questions (swap in any other alternate adjective if preferred there).

The concept is along the lines of Past-Present-Future.

The wording can alter to map on to your precise situation, but here’s the basic premise;

What in the past was the moment when things changed?

Where are you at right now?

How do you hope tomorrow will look?

You can adapt each to your own style too.

What put you on this path, something with significance and influence that happened a while back?

What’s exciting you today, or has impact today, is your current focus?

What might make the future unrecognisable from now or you’re looking forward to happening?

As an aside, there may also be scope to use such framing when explaining a new ware too.

On occasion when such outright storytelling alternative is an option.

A pitch without a hero, but setting out the vision behind the scenes.

postscript, here’s one such example, for all the synth geeks out there…

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