A number to remember.  Andy Dufresne’s prison number.  And for those familiar with Shawshank Redemption, you’ll know that’s not pronounced as it looks.

It’s not really necessary to ‘review’ this outstanding flick as such – so much exists elsewhere as it’s always in the top 3 of any ‘best film’ polls that seem to dominate Sunday night telly.  I saw it again to relax and feel positive last night after a long hard day.  For the salesperson, two main themes rise up.


As the years roll anonymously, tortuously by for our hero in prison, he keeps chipping away at people to get what he wants.  Whether it’s his breakthrough moment with toughest-nut screw Hadley (“do you trust your wife?”) or his sending a letter a week for more library books, then two when some amazingly arrive, he just keeps plugging away.


Without giving away the denouement, the fact he enjoys such sensational success, against all the odds, at the end is down to him doing something, no matter how little, every single day that genuinely progresses his cause.  This is a vital lesson for the aspirant sales survivor, winner.  Did you move enough forward today?

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