4 Es of Lockdown Policing By Consent

England’s coronavirus Lockdown continues. Bobbies on the beat, although not renowned for their wells of common sense, must now switch modes to adherence of social distancing.

There is a degree of sympathy you might feel for them. But for all the of prevention brainless yobs crowding together or selfish should-know-better unnecessary travel, they do themselves no favours at all with over-zealous and incorrect applications of the rules. As if some (a small minority) revel in supposedly elevated status as totalitarian-state apparatchiks.

Thankfully, the country who gave the world the modern-day police still do so “by consent”. No shoot first, think later (if ever), thank you very much.

With some of the population struggling to either come to terms with or outright accept the ‘new normal’, the Force has promoted a method for its officers to help deal best with the public when seeking compliance with the legislated guidance.

The screenshot of its pdf above shows what they call their 4 Es.

Engage Explain Encourage Enforce

As a process, when brought into our solution selling setting of persuasion, it shows some alignment with how we must progress to success.

The first three Es are pretty much as-is.

You must find, open up and generate dialogue with your prospect.

Detail what it is they may want and how you can supply it.

Make them take action to investigate and advance further.

Then the final step.

Getting the deal done. Our language perhaps swaps in any of these for the fourth, ‘enforce’?

Execute Enact Establish Enjoy

A little bit redolent of the classic (dare I whisper, marketing) process of AIDA.

Yet at the very least, maybe a useful re-checklist for bids going through your funnel. Making sure you have genuinely managed and achieved to the fullest each of the steps along the way to your prized signature.

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