3 Sales Pointers From Last Football Season

With the new Premier League season underway this weekend, I’m reminded of three approaches to management from last season that I feel we could readily adapt from footie to the Sales department.

1 – We Go Again

My favourite premier league player when at his prime, Liverpool skipper Steve Gerrard delivered an impassioned succinct call to arms after a significant victory; We Go Again. Too bad his team couldn’t produce the goods the one more vital time when required to actually win the league.Yet their achievement in rising from 7th last year to 2nd this was still amazing.

Gerrard’s words we’re so good I loved seeing fans drape a huge banner with them writ parge at their training ground. A true rallying cry. Simple yet full of meaning.

One sales phrase that’s been with me since my first ever role is The Clocks Are Back To Zero.

Last Year isn’t This Year.

The concept can be extended throughout Sales.

When you’ve had a good meeting or promising phone call, it means nothing until the ink is dry. Calm down, re-group, and go again.

2 – Parking The Bus

Or in Mourinho’s Chelsea case, park two.

This is considered a negative tactic. One deplored by everyone except the team that sneaks a result through it.

Yet any account manager will do well to heed the merits of this. Shore up what you’ve got. Don’t let the opposition get near. Be deadly on the counter-attack. That is, swiftly pursue that which ties you in tighter with your client.

Preparation is key for our José.

“We train yesterday. the three different systems we use. The one we start, the one without [one aging midfielder], and finally the one with (our two fresh forwards] in. the players they knew what to do.”

Do you plan for different scenarios this way too?

3 – Everton’s Inclusivity

In any other year Everton’s points would have made the Champions League. A key reason for their performance exceeding expectations appears the involvement mindset of manager Roberto Martinez.

He has one meeting each week in which every single coach, across the entire club from every age group, attends. They share ideas and discuss how their philosophy is being propelled. This is apparently unique to Martinez.

How often do you meet formally with everyone that can help make your quota happen?

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