4 Slide Ideas To Gain More Buyer Likes

As this report summarises, when looking at celebrity instagram feed ‘likes’, “food, holidays, achievement and pet posts garnered most attention”.

They claim significant data depth. Yet results are based on taps for those with large followings. ‘Influencers’ who by definition might gravitate towards being fashionista tabloidesque darlings. Leaving the possibility of analysis skewed towards a peripheral, shallow frippery.

Still, is there anything to take from these ‘findings’ that’ll make our photographic output more memorable?

If to maximise likes, your picture needs to be one of their four – that holiday snap, feature an animal, capture food, or celebrate an achievement – I couldn’t help wonder how this might map onto a selling slide deck. Or pic insert within a Prop. Or a quick annotated jpeg sent with a regular, ongoing transactional email.

How about this as a starting point for our quartet;

a prospect working away, one of their clients in situ, evoking a strategic intent from on high, a key number (one that ideally hits both business case and emotional buttons)

As times speed apace, to instagramify online life feels a new normal.

Where, even at the start of this decade, sending such might have put a back up, today anything visual that is also forward-ready is perhaps more happily welcomed.

As part of a slideshow or more official doc, it’s been allowable – indeed expected – the whole century at least.

It can also be a terrific relationship builder. Imagine you had a few options. Worked their drafts through with your key prospectside supporter. Then deployed with precision.

You may have a type of imagery or charting that you know has been well received by an eventual client in the recent past. Can it make for a kind of template?

Then you can proudly show your wares sharing an ice-cream with your pet dog as you cross the finish line at a triathlon the other side of the world…

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