Is Hope Your Hedge?

I saw a former banking insider turned Facebook product manager and also sold a startup to Twitter, who’s now a prepper.

Chaos Monkeys author Antonio Garcia Martinez was tracked down to his remote Orcas Island hideout on the Pacific forest edge where Canada meets America. The documentary maker wondered how someone with a career most people would find utterly alluring wound up here.

“As we said at Goldman Sachs; ‘hope is a shit hedge’ “

Rather inelegant, yet definite.

He’d seen the future.

Dystopian working lives as deskbots inside deceptive and uncaring internet tech giants for some.

For the rest, redundancy in the face of relentless AI. Automation colonising just about every aspect of modern work in a few short years.

“Within thirty years half of humanity won’t have a job. It could get ugly. There could be revolution.”

Pretty gloomy.

He’d grabbed his gun and compostable toilet.

It brought to mind the classic Sales Manager dismissal of an iffy forecast. No-one wants a hopecast, right?

You needn’t disappear into a secluded teepee for your safety net.

Think of two big belief weapons hope fires.

Your one main contact can push everything through.

Your funnel is robust enough to get you beyond target.

How does each deal and your overall pipeline stand up to such an audit of hope mitigation?

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