546 Words That Might (Not) Apply To Your Project

More survey clickbait, luckily with a Sales angle (honest!).

🍺 Britons have 546 different words for 'drunk' according to researchers
🍷 Almost any word can be used to mean drunk as long as it ends with an '-ed'
πŸ₯ƒ Britons understand any such 'drunkonym' if it is preceded by 'I got completely ____'

So true hey. From sozzled through wellied to cabbaged and way more besides. When also following an adverb like 'very', 'totally', or 'absolutely'.

The researchers - German, but at least had worked in England awhile - put it down to the unique sense of humour, down playing serious topics in a light-hearted manner, mixed with absurdist tendencies.

I routinely say to own the language is to own the bid. When your words, terms and phrases get adopted by the prospect - or often better, ones you've jointly coined together - then that syntax, that argot works in your favour.

Think of the times you've been on a deal, and you've come to recognise the lingo which competitors and incumbents use to describe their outlook. Strip that out, swap in your own and your halfway to beating or ousting them.

I do love an unusual word emerging in such setting. Even better when its like a portmanteau. Smash other words together, make your new one. Unique to you, you should prevail.

Whilst it takes a special kind of prospect to come up with such if safe to prompt with this calc of 546 as starting board, you can do similar internally.

Think of all those brands that have over time cultivated the association of a particular word with themselves.

You can do the same. Then you'll be able to say, your competition got completely ...

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