How Would You Describe Yourself?

As an added bonus, following last week's post of how veteran English broadcaster Howard Hughes springs to life on-screen, here's insight from when he didn't seem to want to offend a guest.

When broadly not quite sure of his research, he uses this self-confessed get-out gem;

"How would you describe yourself?"

It's a deceptively super opener. And one we ought add to the synonyms for when a prospect (or anyone new to us) asks, "so what do you do?".

[The lady concerned above - whilst captioned as 'psychic medium' - merrily instead self-identified as a witch.]

Also, I feel compelled to point out how alarmingly seldom do I hear anybody, salespeople included, answer this query in a convincing, let alone memorable manner.

To avoid being caught off-guard, and to better spark genuine dialogue with someone new, consider reframes such as via this 'mentalist', the 'golden circle', or what you might 'sell'.

We need to both remember to ask it of those we meet anew, as well as having our own response primed. Such as this sample flavour of my current '8-word Mission';

"I unlock re-energised, productive, distinctive video sales calls".

The key is to have a rehearsed response that you deliver in a way which elicits conversational levels of spontaneity, authenticity and curiosity.

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