The Luxury of the Lesser-Spotted Meeting

I read a sparky four-para column the other day. Extolling the "unbeatable" reward from the "sweetness" of someone apologising when cancelling a run-of-the-mill meeting you were scheduled to attend.

As I often hear myself explaining to those keen to make their video meetings don't fall into the trap of being indistinct from those of others, the best video meeting can be one that did not take place.

A piece of reverse-psychology, contrarian challenging. Aimed at moving towards matching the medium to the message. A place where brighter results flow.

It's not just the cancelled calendar'd video call that brings joy.

After all, imagine say, running five ten-minute phone calls instead of an hour-plus six person video meeting. (Where one might well 'die' anyway). And still progress your ambitions, with greater speed, buy-in and lock-out.

There's also the shortened symposium.

Most video sessions fall into the traditional blocks. In multiples of half-hours. Seldom do you see the, say, 48-min slot. Random, yet meaningful and distinctive duration. Let alone a personal favourite; the 8-minute call.

Even ending a video meet ten minutes ahead of the allotted finish can provide participants a sense of freedom they'll fondly remember.

There's also the sense that 'meetings beget meetings'.

Breaking this cycle, replacing it with different ways of communicating that aren't simply an indistinguishable string of seemingly indifferent, interminable video calls, is part of the key to making you stand out as the supplier of desire.

Switch things up. Mix 'n match. Be the choice.

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