54m Junk Mailshots Each Day

Consternation among the chattering classes. London broadsheet The Telegraph reveals that on a daily basis, The Royal Mail now delivers 54 million pieces of junk mail.

That’s just about one mailer for each UK citizen, every single day.

Who said snail mail is dead, choked by the claws of email?

The blog has two wonderful phrases. The first alludes to the fact that junk mail (for which the legal limits have just been increased) enables the rest of us to enjoy cheaper postage, akin to ads providing ‘free’ telly, and so is a necessary evil. And then ends with this gem, on the subsequent subject of telephone cold calling;

This is England, the country that after all first abolished haggling – we should be able to walk to our own kitchen without someone trying to sell us a mobile phone.

Now, this refers to the scourge of cold calling the individual in their home. Even so, many a business person will claim the same malaise afflicts them.

I guess two initial points arise.

First, are you sending out physical pieces – and as part of a concerted, continuing campaign?

Second, have you stopped to consider the different number of ways you can get your ‘foot in the door’ that do not involve playing voicemail roulette?

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