A Kick Is Only As Good As Its Chase

Lovely to watch a dominant England display after three successive under-performances since bewildering New Zealand in last year’s rugby world cup semi.

In their next home game, the Irish were duly steamrollered.

England’s pair of first-half tries both came from defence fumbles around the Ireland in-goal area following little English kicks towards their try-line.

Upon which, I heard the former Irish international commentator state;

a kick is only as good as its chase.

You instantly spot the kind of cliched sport truism trotted out by ex-player pundits.

After all, the odd-shaped ball often has a bounce that deliciously no-one can predict, with ensuing mayhem adding to the excitement.

I wondered if this kind of saying was applicable elsewhere across sport?

In football, is a cross only as good as the movement of the recipient attacker?

In cricket, is a hard-earned catch chance only as good as the handling of the fielder?

Then there’s selling…

A cold call is only as good as the follow-up.

A presentation is only as good as the commitment gained during post-final slide plenary.

A meeting is only as good as the action the prospect offers to then go away and undertake.

Any of these ring true for you?

Let’s not gift our opponents a score….

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