A Mint Number When Selling Change

tictac 94pc dont change 400x300

The global tiny minty sweet that is TicTac. Not usually the place you’d expect to find a solution sale nugget. Yet their recent “shake it up” ad signals a knowing distaste for the change averse.

Who knows where their research came from. But it is startling in its accuracy.

“today 94% of people do the same things [as yesterday]”

They seek to encourage a behavioural modification. Pop a clear plastic pack of their sugar pills into your back pocket.

What about their flagstone stat?

Only six in a hundred people will embrace a change in daily routine?

Remarkably similar to initial adoption suggestion from long-standing business research, and especially technology.

What’s also interesting, is that they propose an ever-so-small and simple-to-try kind of way to progress.

If you’re selling a significant change, then this provides several important reminders.

For glory you must know how and who to treat differently. It’s best to rigorously hunt the precious six percenters. But finding and isolating them is notoriously tricky. And time-consuming. So if you can think of a less traumatic path to long-term adoption, then maybe you too can use your prospect’s jeans-back-pocket as your vehicle for the ‘general population’, and “shake it up”.

…and here’s the 20sec ad in full:

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