A Sushi Legend

Another idea on solution selling pricing options from the world of retail, this time from Simon’s Town’s Just Sushi. Beautifully overlooking False Bay even on a stormy day, it reminded me of menu engineer tips on which I’ve blogged before.

“The Legend” features “bits of everything”, and is their most expensive platter on the menu. Easily satisfying two, possibly three even, it’s a monster smorgasbord of sushi. (here’s their pic of it albeit with some pieces missing).


But they know it works. They’ve been known to shift 28 in one night – in a place with less than double that number of covers.

It’s the ‘bits of everything’ idea that appeals to me. In my experience, solution orientated price lists that are down to the creativity of the salespeople themselves could well benefit from pushing expensive items so as to increase the sales of the second-most dear.

Yet in this thinking, any bundling of items that can incorporate ‘everything’ could be a welcome addition. I’m thinking of where you offer several ancilliary products. Perhaps even more well suited, plenty of differing ‘service’ add-ons.

Wherever you have lots of menu items that can be combined, I’m pretty sure varying combos already exist to tempt an increased ‘value’ purchase. It’s the fact that this approach offers ‘everything’ that I suspect may fire off winning ideas.

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