Brummagem Details


Birmingham City won their first major silverware since ’63 this season. Then got relegated. Not pretty. Only now do I feel able to mention this in public. This is because we now must have “hope in our heart” with a new manager.

Two thoughts occurred to me from this season just past for ‘the Blues of Brummagem‘ that are worthy pointers for Sales.

The first comes from the preparation for that epic cup final victory. There was always a chance that Birmingham would do well the moment you saw the two teams arrive at Wembley. Arsenal, hot favourites seeking to nail their first trophy after five years of baron under-achievement, rock up in tracksuits. Blues got off the coach all suited and booted. Especially dressed for a special day. Arsenal treated it just like any other game. And got beaten accordingly.

The second was when hearing about how the new manager earned his appointment. Apparently, the interviewing Board were “particularly impressed” that he’d prepared a detailed dossier with his thoughts on every single player.

It goes almost without saying that the selling takeaways are turn up as if you mean it and preparation shines.

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