Act Decisively On Non-Premium Body Language

There’s an American uni women’s basketball side on a 108-game winning streak.

Their coach hit transatlantic airwaves given a key element of this success being attributed to spotting the obvious body language of players.

Picked up in part due to a leading EPL side dropping a wordclass player who then sat on the bench chuckling his way through a painful hammering.

His proven recruiting philosophy gold isn’t quite open to us at the pre-employment stage. Yet if entering into a new team or trying to improve one, it most certainly is an essential guideline to shape it better.

“…we put a huge premium on body language. And if your body language is bad, you will never get in the game. Ever. I don’t care how good you are.”

He lists several negative traits. Sadly I recognise them from salesrooms of olde. In well rewarded environments too. See anybody…

lack enthusiasm?
act like a 12-yr old?
try get away with whatever?
always think only of themselves?

Then as Coach Geno says, it doesn’t even matter if they’re top dog on the stats. It’s a similar story to you must remove the malcontents. Eject the terrorists.

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