Prospect Pathways To Prosperity

Pathway is a term that’s reached many a Boardroom these past couple of years.

I first noted it connected to clinical treatment.

Now the word makes headlines courtesy of the moribund institution that is the EU.

Given the tumult shearing through the organisation, one “leader” proposes a response to this unprecedented “change”.

His paper outlines five Pathways To Unity;

  1. carrying on
  2. nothing but the single market
  3. those who want more, do more
  4. doing less more efficiently
  5. doing much more together

It struck me that (subbing in alternatives for those last words on path two) you could pretty much apply this structure to just about any solution sale decision making junction.

Pretty much every experienced salesperson I’ve ever discussed this with, believes you should bring up a worse-case scenario yourself. If you don’t, someone else – your competition, opponents or objectors – will. And that’s not going to end well for you.

So a solution starting off point has many avenues ahead.

Do you know what your prospect thinks they all are?

Have you checked the relative merits and supporters of each?

Where is your preferred route strong and where is it vulnerable?

Change is a-coming.

Better to shape reaction to it than be shaped by it. So why not draft your own survival blueprint for it. Have you thought of your prospect pathways to prosperity?


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