Adapting For The Next Year

From a grey Autumn day in Britain’s second-city, Birmingham.

A ‘parklet’. A hospitality venue, in this case hotel bar, is allowed to make a covid-compliant outside seating area where once parking bays lay and maximise patron numbers.

This sector maybe more than most starkly split between those innovating and those shuttering.

If not in full-lockdown, the early curfew cut-off tempted many eateries for instance to explore such as becoming pop-up grocers, going big and often new on breakfasting, and takeaway avenues beyond mere single meals to all manner of banquet options.

It makes you think about what a solution seller’s coronavirus-beating equivalent might be?

I wonder whether a kind of ‘making the most of’ angle could apply.

Have you resource now with a touch of time to devote elsewhere from what might traditionally be termed back-office or behind the scenes, which could add decent value clientside?

From full-blown audits of ‘use’, to little yet effective daily tactic, ‘hack’ even, tips.

It may be a longshot. It may fall on deaf ears internally, let alone at customers. Yet it may just uncover how to keep clients as (when) the recovery develops.

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