Still Believe That Diseases Are More Easily Transmitted On Board Of Aircraft?

“This is not true.”

So say KLM in the above 2min safety promo clip.

Who knew about HEPA filters?

Not that any of us can take advantage of such glorious tech as I blog this right now. All flights grounded. Pretty much every place. Even where leaders govern by the consent of their people. You know, the voters.

From surgery theatres to semi-conductor manufacture, and now to fight against the spread of what can cause covid.

“HEPA filters capture 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses.”

Note their handy little graphic;

I did note with pride that this is remarkably similar in style to the very first of my 101 Diagrams That Sell.

And as such, readily adaptable for any ‘wall’. Or barrier in general. Or as in the above case, filter.

This is an interesting watch because it also reveals how a major company – currently up against it with sales decimated and any recovery window seeming ever more distant as each day passes – reacts to a specific objection.

Not just any old pats, but a revenue killer.

Namely, flavours of; it’s not safe to fly, you’d be crazy to get on a plane, no way will you catch me inside a sealed germ spreading tin can for a few hours with a load of strangers.

There’s not even a glimmer of attempt to display empathy.

Straight out denial starts proceedings.

Then a succession of reasons why this is the case.

Some with numbers attached. Others, mere matter-of-fact. The odd one, overturning conventional wisdom.

Such as airflow being not front to back, but ceiling to floor;

Movement so much better suited to the customer, it’s hoped we infer.

And as a final highlight, who doesn’t love a funky control panel shot?

Plenty of angles to take and apply here for our own post-corona objection handling, whether we must soothe a simple misunderstanding or confront a major threat to getting back on our feet.

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