Adapting Newsreader Screen Body Language

Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije seems closing in on a decade of tv rolling news and standalone bulletin presenting experience in London. She now also displays her talents in the more fluid setting of three-hour hosting. In the stream, it was the first six minutes that caught my eye.

A handful of screenshots comprise the animated sequence above.

I realise I rail against the media trained-in malaise a lot.

Yet I insist you are allowed to move around your space.

Here’s a seasoned newsreader. Conditioned to be a newsbot on set. Yet she moves around.

So natural. So endearing. So engaging.

Arms signals, facial gestures, overall expressions a delight to see.

container breaching

I’ve spent 45min sessions breaking down someone’s key point. The story that best gets across their position. What words they want to make the key impact.

For all of these when you’re IRL there’s allied, emphasising body language.

So why not on-screen too?

You don’t have to go all hot-climes argumentative. Nor bemused traffic cop. Not even on-stage self-help guru scammer.

Simple, natural accompanying gestures are available. Claudia-Liza knows this. Do you?

shrug emoji

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