After The Lord Mayor's Show

So, after the Rusky and French presidents, Europe’s largest personal political mandate went once again to Boris last Friday night. Phew. London is safe for four more years.

When in America recently, watching the Republicans tear themselves to shreds, I noted one particular debate question recur; Define your brand of conservatism in one sentence.

And Boris got asked the same thing before his mayoral election too.

In one particular article, I read his answer as follows;

freedom, democracy, taxpayer value and building up the sense of neighbourliness and duty towards each other
Before apparently also adding into the mix,
I am, overall, a tax-cutting Conservative,

I think, basically, parliament should be sovereign

How often do you hear an interrogator go after this type of soundbite? Quite often.

What about when we’re in the field? Ever get a prospect asking the same kind of question? Happens a lot in out-of-hours networking situations too.

So, how do you answer it? Can you sum up your brand of [insert type of miraculous problem-solving you offer here] in such a snappy sentence?

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