Newton's Kicking Force

Very into this year’s Super Rugby. Especially as my team, Cape Town’s Stormers, have a cracking chance of glory.

The Bloem franchise are notable this season for their new young kicking sensation.

He’s not a big lad by any stretch, yet has recorded a surely hammy-stinging 67m kick.

His mentor confirms, it is not about brute force.

Of course, it never is.

“I don’t think Newton came up with all these techniques for nothing. I hate force. The world isn’t built for it.”

Technique trumps force every time.

And so it is when Selling.

If you think you are trying to force something through – an opinion, a meeting date, a Prop, an action – then you are less likely to prevail.

Get back to your winning technique. Another call to understand and develop your own winning process…

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