Transformational Management

A match made in the champions’ champagne lounge. Jeff Randall talking about football and business management parallels in one article.

Unfortunately, in his piece (rightly) lavishing praise on Chelsea “interim coach” Roberto Di Matteo and lambasting Barclays’ and Tesco’s leaders, Mr Randall offered little by way of tips on how to create the elusive transformations. He cleverly avoided trying to pinpoint such “fairy dust”.

Sales management can though be made sure of one factor. Never set out to blame the last lot in charge beyond your paper anniversary. After twelve months at the helm, you own the problems now.

A list of possible helpful hints do emerge, by dint of prominent current errors to avoid.

  • Don’t go off into new waters
  • Don’t get sidetracked by “peripheral ventures”
  • Don’t remove key talent in one blow
  • Don’t neglect the daily bread and butter
  • Don’t be afraid to promote from within
  • and remember, you can only blame your predecessors for max one year

Sales Management. “Any idiot can do this”!

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