Anchoring, Amplification

Yet more body-language type techniques I came across today.  I was with a sales force that 2-years prior had a boat-load of skills training around pitching and posturing.  During our discussion (and bear in mind we spent only 30 secs on this) it seemed to me like reading a page from a pop-hypnosis book.

The idea is a prospect remembers something more because you’ve amplified it, so it becomes an anchor in their mind, forever lodging what you said with them.

The example I was given I may well work on in a comedy-sty-lee.  Let’s wait and see I s’pose.  Anyhow, imagine saying the sentence “this’ll be a real success”.  Then on the word “success”, you bang the table with your palm.  And that’s it.  The theory goes your prospect audience will associate you with success.

(nb: I came across this concept again when listening to a Chris Howard CD)

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