Retreat & Repeat

In a first meeting in the morning, the potential customer started off by saying how they remembered the initial cold call from one of my guys as it was all about “retreat and repeat”.  I’d never heard this description before so asked what it meant.

Apparently, it’s where you get objections and basically keep going through the loop of saying something along the vibe of ‘that’s alright, it doesn’t matter, meet me and it’ll be apparent and worthwhile’.  So rather than handle perfectly an objection, you focus on re-saying what you’ve already said and hope the person gets out the diary.

I kinda get this…. if you think in the context of an overall concept, rather than the two-steps the name implies.  Afterall, if you’re selling something slightly different, through to totally new, then as long as the benefits appeal, why should the minutiae not wait until the meet?

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