Another Cold Intro Email I Hope You're Not Sending

This is yet another shocker of an arctic email approach. It’s so bad I’ve copied it almost un-redacted.

Hi [firstname]

Are you working on any active IT development initiatives such as mobile applications, web applications or google app projects today? I would like to have a quick call to talk about the information below. Please let me know what works best.

[vendor name] has a highly skilled team of programmers, developers and designers that can be leveraged as part of your dedicated team. We can work independently or come in-house to deliver code excellence. Our team of senior experts can quickly deliver the highest quality work without the high cost.

Typical projects can be either per project based pricing or a low fixed monthly amount for continuous ongoing IT development projects.

Please let me know what day/time works best to have our call.

Thank you,

Well. I post these kinds of embarrassments every now and then (like this, & here).

There’s a galaxy of twinkling pixels online purporting to light up how easy an intro email can be. Most of it – as with any web Sales promises – is rubbish.

I actually just googled ‘ideal intro/cold email template’ to prove my point.

One result (from the ‘intro’ search) managed to touch on the optimum way in. Where someone else intentionally ‘match makes‘ on you and your suspect’s behalf.

Yet not much shied away from anything pretty chilly.

Most email approaches thrown out there are of the polar vortex variety. They land in that stillness of coldest air possible as anticlockwise winds chase ever quicker around. You are shut down in a deathly freeze.

The only result worthy of report from the ‘cold’ search, was from an app developer aiming to show you when a mail’s been read. Yesware have their 4-point plan.

There’s plenty of “the one big secret trick” type clickbait on offer when it comes to intro mails. With supposedly curated ideas of beneath dubious merit littering results pages.

Indeed, one decent one I’ve tried myself with better than expected results is the “appropriate person” subject line tactic. Looking for that diamond in a spent seam can be criminally distracting.

Still, as in the above quoted real-life sample, this is an area where you can gauge your own effectiveness benchmarking against how it should patently not be done. And the buyer’s in your firm will give you a tidy start for sure from what they suffer receiving.

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