Another Presenter Top 5 Tips This Time From A Behavioural Scientist

This self-labelled Brain Lady has made a career out of looking at what makes people tick. Susan Weinschenk has written a quartet of books this decade which parcels up this with relevance for us sellers. To gain a glimpse of how she thinks, above is her six-minutes on 5 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People.

A bare-bones précis;

  1. 20min chunks tops
  2. don’t let (complicated) visuals distract from your words
  3. know how you’ll say your text (good to learn of paralinguistics)
  4. remember call to action
  5. your feelings will be contagious

If I were forced to choose one solution sales-ready insight alone, how about this as a main contender; ‘draft your talk without the slides first, then decide which will be enhanced with a visual’.

Reading around the author’s other texts, I also gladly picked up (at least) one terrific side idea. How to Get People to Do Stuff contains this tip, one of 140 strategies housed within her ‘7 drivers’, in this case, “tricks of the mind”;

People are more likely to do something if you can get them to phrase it as a question to themselves (Will I exercise each week?) than if you get them to say a declarative statement (I will exercise each week).

* turn statements into questions *

I can certainly think of an instance or three where such a technique may well have proven its power.

What is your key command or demand you’d like your prospect to be saying to themselves as a result of buying from you?

One that only you and your unique offering could frame in such particular way?

Flip that into a question format and pop it bang in the middle of a single side.

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