Another Slice Of Net Promoter


Here’s what confronted me when logging on to an old sofa laptop returning from some travels the other day. Courtesy of firewall software.

Whilst it is of course nowhere near as slick as examples I’ve blogged on before, it also happened to hit my eyes after a recent chat with a product manager talking to me about how he sought decent net promoter scores himself.

It reminded me that it is a top idea to take this concept and adapt it inside the furnace of a deal campaign.

My afore-linked blog gives good examples. But also, imagine reflecting where you think your USPs rank in the minds of your prospects?  Can you list the half-dozen points on which you believe you are set apart. How easy would it be to draw them out, and ask for a similar 0-10 ranking for each one, relevant to the prospect’s ambitions?

Even better, ask them to rank which of their ambitions is most pressing for them.

At the very least it should make your next slideshow more interactive…

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