Any Potential Deal Of Yours Unfit?

In cricket, the statements that you were both outplayed in defeat and that the pitch was not up to standard are not contradictory.

As last week’s India 3rd Test slaying of England in the world’s largest stadium at Ahmedabad showed.

In the shortest match since WW2.

The broadsheet excerpt above shows how the sport’s governing body (as inept and insanely power-hungry as every other such global umbrella) grade international pitches.

One central idea being to avoid such a “track”, “deck” or “strip” being too heavily biased in favour of the home team.

From our Sales perspective, these six offer an interesting take on how we could perhaps gauge both our potential and actual customer accounts.

Very Good
Below Average

Whether you have a cricket-loving salesteam or not, it should be possible to assign attributes that determine where any bid sits on this scale.

The cricket authorities split these in half. Sanction for bottom-three, acceptance for top-three.

In similar fashion, we could have a dividing line too.

I’d tighten this. Only the uppermost one should be kept on the forecast in our case.

Be unrelenting.

Ditch the rest.

And you too will have success.

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