Appointment Making Alteration

During a review meeting with a customer the other day, I learned that they’d recently had much success changing their approach to ‘appointment making’.  A new way was sought after instituting Calling Days that each rep underook from their home office.  The discovery that on average just 2 appointments were made each day was starkly at odds with expectations for more.

So Calling Days moved to a collective endeavour on site at each Regional Office.  The majority of reps can now regularly hit the key figure of 10 appointments each day.  Here’s how they now run:

Each person needs to bring a list of at least 100 phone numbers (they could also tap into a database created at HQ by telemarketers which apparently was of high data quality, with only 2 or 3 wrong details in over 3,000 records, which is of course a great help)

There are 4 Calling sessions during the day; 2 before lunch, two after.  The first of each pair lasts for 60 minutes, then a break, before a 75 minute session.

There are 3 Briefing sessions, one at the end of each of the first three.  They share experiences and try and work out what tactics and lines of approach are working well (or not so well!)

Their target suspects are people that would ordinarily be involved in ‘back office’ functions, so they are likely to be at their desks during most days.  The current result summary is impressive; 100 dials create 30 conversations with decision makers and they achieve 10 appointments from these.

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