Google Side Entrance

Something so simple I cannot believe it didn’t occur to me before.  In my current cold-calling crusade almost 25% of my sample’s receptionists wouldn’t pass on their firm’s ‘head of sales’ name, claiming some ridiculous policy or other.

In England, such people are usually referred to as Sales Directors.  So, almost absent-mindedly, I typed in my suspect company name into Google, followed by ‘sales director’.  Amazingly, I seemed able to track down the very first unobtainable name followed by two more from the eight others I had a quick chance to check out just now.  I also then searched on to successfully find their email protocol 🙂 Not bad going if I can gain intel on a third of my potentially ‘lost’ database that quick and easy.


Trying to get at these last few ‘no-namers’ is fairly traumatic.  Despite the probable Pareto supporters advice to move on from them, I just had a blitz of the dozen pains left.  I got their CEO name off the internet (all but one say who that particular individual is!) then asked to speak to their PA.  Now only 6 remain unaccounted for.

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